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Getting Down to Dollars: The ROI of Connecting Your Fleet

By | on 01, May 2019 |   Optimization & Productivity , ROI & Cost Control

Want to impress your leadership team? Of course you do. How do you do it? Show them how strong the ROI of connecting your fleet can be! In this post we’re giving you a few examples from our customers [...]

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The Unbiased Witness: How Telematics Reduces Your Liability

By | on 10, Apr 2019 |   ROI & Cost Control

We know liability isn’t sexy, but it has the potential to cost your agency millions of dollars and lead to very unhappy taxpayers. Telematics fleet tracking solutions reduce your liability and safegua[...]

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Using ROI and COI in the World of Telematics

By | on 27, Feb 2019 |   ROI & Cost Control

Many of us are familiar with ROI or, Return on Investment. ROI is used by organizations across every industry to measure just that—the benefit of the money they’ve put in to adopting a tool, hiring so[...]

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How IoT Improves Efficiency

By | on 06, Feb 2019 |   Optimization & Productivity , Big Data & Analytics , ROI & Cost Control

The BSM Blog Crew (BBC),  is once again sitting down with our resident IoT expert, Grant Dunbar to dig into how fleets and assets can connect to the IoT. If you’re new to the BSM Blog, be sure to chec[...]

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6 Ways to Reduce Mixed Fleet Costs with IoT

By | on 07, Jan 2019 |   Optimization & Productivity , ROI & Cost Control

Managing a mixed fleet can present a host of challenges but can also yield significant cost savings if the right tools are in place. Manual management of a diverse fleet is time consuming and often re[...]

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10 Easy Fleet Management Tips for a Profitable 2019

By | on 02, Jan 2019 |   Optimization & Productivity , ROI & Cost Control

Is your New Year's resolution for 2019 to make your fleet as profitable as it can be? If so, you've chosen a good one. Unlike so many unrealistic resolutions, this one can actually become a reality. T[...]

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What is IoT Technology and Its Benefits for Industry

By | on 03, Dec 2018 |   Optimization & Productivity , ROI & Cost Control

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing how individuals live and work and IoT technology has impacted your business and whether you are familiar with the term or not. IoT is the term used for[...]

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How to Cut Rail Costs Using the IoT and Telematics

By | on 19, Mar 2018 |   Optimization & Productivity , ROI & Cost Control

The digital era is transforming railroads. To stay lean and competitive, it's vital for rail companies to rely on telematics software and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make smart business decisions.[...]

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