Written by BSM, a Geotab Company
on March 27, 2019

A telematics solutions is no longer considered a luxury for government agencies wanting to remain compliant and keep their constituents happy. It is a powerfully tool that provides unparalleled visibility into operations - boosting safety, maintaining service level agreements, decreasing costs, and more.

Though the initial cost may seem prohibitive, the costs savings of implementing a telematics solution are enormous.  Many fleet companies have seen their investments paid off within the first year. There are six areas where a telematics solution yields greater return on investment:

1. Maintaining Compliance

Public fleet regulations, from levels of service to environmental regulations, are extensive and complex. A telematics solution gives fleet managers the ability to monitor how well their fleet is abiding to regulations. For example, vehicle data will provide a view into how well all trucks comply with service level regulations. Fuel usage date will provide insight into their fleets adherence to carbon emission standards.

2. Generating Reports

Public fleet companies in the United States must send the Department of Energy annual reports detailing their operations. Gathering the necessary information for those documents can be time-consuming and tedious.

By contrast, a telematics solution can produce reports quickly and automatically. All a manager has to do is tell it what kind of document to assemble and voila!

3. Controlling Liability Issues

Agencies are liable for every one of their fleet’s vehicles.  If an accident occurs due to poor driving behavior or maintenance problems, agencies are often forced to pay heavy damages.

Telematics lower the chances of either issue arising. This software can monitor driving habits and set alerts when driving infractions occur. Likewise, it can tell fleet managers when vehicles are due for servicing and alert the necessary departments when something is amiss in terms of how a truck is performing. Managers can then order tune-ups, and faulty parts can be replaced before they contribute to an accident. 

4. Increasing Fleet Safety

Telematics programs are adept at monitoring drivers' performance. Thus, fleet managers will be notified whenever a driver slams on the brakes, forgets to fasten a seat belt or exceeds a speed limit. Consequently, they can reprimand or retrain employees who operate vehicles in risky ways, and they can fire repeat offenders. They can also reward those who consistently drive in a safe manner.

5. Reducing Costs

Because telematics solutions allow managers to schedule preventative maintenance for every fleet vehicle at intervals best suited for the vehicles’ age and type, public agencies can avoid engine failures and other costly problems. These benefits also lead to lower depreciation rates.

What's more, telematics software can help a company save fuel. It allows fleet managers to optimize their drivers routes, to ensure no unnecessary miles are being traveled.  By monitoring idle time, they can ensure their drivers routes avoid traffic jams.

6. Ensuring a Happy Public

Fleet managers can use the data they receive from their telematics solution to better serve the public. For instance, the data gathered can be utilized to generate public-facing data to provide real-time service level status updates to constituents. Indeed, many of the factors discussed above, including safer driving and improved maintenance calendars, result in enhanced customer service. In fact, once fleet managers start using telematics, they may wonder how they ever  performed their duties without them.

Want to Know More? Read our free whitepaper for greater insight into the benefits telematics and learn how a Maryland governments fleet was able to reach a saving of $300,000 in the span of one year, after having implemented a telematics solution.

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