Written by BSM, a Geotab Company
on April 08, 2019

There are several reasons that BSM, a Geotab Company is so often chosen as the preferred GPS fleet management and asset management vendor for mixed fleets. A few of the most prominent:

  1. Our suite of GPS tracking devices can accommodate any vehicle and/or asset, in any operating condition.
  2. Our one platform solution makes it simple to administer, allowing our clients to focus on monitoring and optimizing their mixed fleet, rather than trying to amalgamate data from multiple portals and reports.
  3. BSM extrapolates away all that complexity, taking trusted data and turning it into timely business intelligence that managers rely on.

The Hardware you Need

Mixed fleets are by nature a combination of multiple asset types and a mix of brands. This mix introduces a lack of standardization in terms of generating, communicating and interpreting data. What BSM does is to connect all those dissimilar assets in a common way and then maps all the data they generate into a standard language – this includes AEMP feeds.

BSM also has its own suite of GPS tracking devices and sensors, ensuring that our clients have the right hardware in place to meet their operational requirements, and monitoring needs.

1. Operational Needs:

  • Ruggedized: For assets operating in rough terrain or inclement weather, we offer ruggedized devices and IP rated housings, keeping your fixed and mobile assets connected at all times.
  • Power Source: Most GPS tracking devices today are powered by an asset’s 12v power system. Fortunately, BSM has a suite of solar and battery-powered devices for assets that are not self-powered. Our self-contained solar-tracking units have patented technology allowing for self-charging that reports data back to the server day and night.  These are especially useful for clients that have assets that do not return to home base often or have non-powered, industrial assets.
  • Installation: Rapid and reliable, we have both plug and play devices and simple three wire installation devices as our basic offering and then a series of additional ECM smart cables depending on the specific data that your business needs. If your fleet is sizable we have service teams and authorized installation teams that can work with you, your fleet and schedule.

2. Monitoring Needs

  • Integration Capabilities: BSM has an incredible array of sensors for monitoring data. These include multiple smart cables for monitoring anything that our clients would want to keep track of. For example:
    1. - Fixed assets sensor data such as crane arm up/down, light stands remote on/off, generator starter interrupt and more.
    2. - Mobile asset’s rapid acceleration, harsh braking, idle time and seat belt status
    3. - Specialized vehicles, such as snow plows and waste trucks, where sensors are integrated with the vehicle to ensure proper material management.
    4. - Trailers/reefers: King pin sensors to monitor engagement, and specialized sensors with impact detection, and temperature monitoring capabilities.
  • What Mobile and Fixed Assets Can We Monitor? BSM has a device for everything from simple passenger vehicles and trucks, to cranes and rail cars. We can monitor specialized government vehicles such as waste trucks, snow plows, and EMT vehicles, rail containers, barges, intermodal and trucking assets and all types of construction equipment

3. One Platform Solution for Fleet and Asset Management 

BSM’s portal will receive the data from every asset in your fleet connected to one of our devices and display it in such a way as to ensure the date is usable and actionable. It takes the complexity out of monitoring a mixed fleet and of analyzing the mass amounts of data that the devices are collecting, in the following ways:

  • Configurable: Our software allows clients to configure the platform to their needs. For instance, configuring maintenance reminders and schedules ensures that each vehicle/asset type is being properly serviced, while configuring the odometer thresholds for vehicles and engine run time for fixed assets will help lower an organization’s total cost of ownership and downtime.
  • Hierarchies: Optimizing a mixed fleet is difficult without the proper system in place for analyzing the data. BSMs platform allows our clients to easily group like assets. This enables them to: 
      1. - Monitor by Asset Type, such as tracking asset type location. This would be relevant to organizations that deploy their assets to several locations such as rental companies.
      2. - Easily analyze the metrics that are important to asset type. This is especially important as different asset groups may produce different data sets or require organizations to measure different metrics.
  • Thresholds Levels: Monitoring every vehicle and asset group can be time consuming, but BSM has simplified the task by allowing clients to applying threshold levels to their hierarchies. For example:
      1. - Vehicle Type X should not be driven more then x hrs.
      2. - Asset Group X can be used only between 9am to 5pm.
      3. - Vehicle Group Y can be used for 8 continuous hrs, then much be inactive for 5 hrs.
    1. If threshold levels are exceeded, an alert will immediately be sent out, ensuring the right people in your organization are aware and can take corrective action.
  • Customized Reports: It is vital that a fleet and asset management solution produces actionable reports. BSM allows clients to configure their reports to match their organization structure and KPIs and we provide custom reports for many of our large customers.


BSM, a Geotab company, has been helping mixed fleets optimize operations for over 20 years and we understand the unique needs of the diverse and specialized industries that we serve. Our solutions team would be happy to discuss our solutions in more detail.


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