Written by BSM, a Geotab Company
on December 21, 2018

The placement for GPS antennas for your GPS device needs some careful consideration. When antennas are placed correctly, you will avoid not be able to send or receive signals from the satellite and receiving errors from the device and the portal.

BSM’s GPS trackers have two kinds of antennas: GPS and cellular. The GPS antenna captures the vehicle’s location information. The cellular antenna is used for transmitting messages between the driver and home base. Each antenna has different requirements when it comes to best positioning. Watch our video below to find out:

The GPS Antenna 

The GPS antenna should be placed with a clear line of sight to the sky, with the beveled side pointing up. Any kind of metal will interfere with the signal. Even the obstruction caused by wiper blades, rear window defrosters, or other antennas can cause signal disruption. Be careful of things like window tints with metals, or heat-shielded windows, which can also weaken the signal. However, plastic, glass or cloth does not interfere with the communication. So, the GPS antenna can be safely encased within those materials, ideally underneath the dashboard.

The Cellular Antenna 

The cellular antenna needs to be as vertical as possible and at least one inch away from any metal. The best place to mount is to the windshield or rear glass of the vehicle. To remove interference, place the cellular antenna two feet away from the GPS antenna and at least 12 inches away from any vehicle occupants.

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