Written by BSM, a Geotab Company
on February 13, 2019

Law enforcement is an integral part of any society. Every day, officers put themselves in harm’s way to ensure our communities are safe. BSM,a Geotab Company, is a partner in FirstNet with the AT&T Fleet Manager solution and ensures that law enforcement personnel are equipped with the proper tools to perform their duties safely and save lives.

Shaping the future of Law Enforcement Safety

FirstNet, with AT&T Fleet Manager, is increasing the safety of police officers, and the citizens they serve, by providing greater insight into all aspects of law enforcement fleet. There are two areas of significant impact: decreasing unsafe driving and decreasing police response time.

1. Increased Safety by Curbing Unsafe Driving

Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death for police officers. Between 2007 and 2016, an average of 40 deaths occurred each year. 40% of these crashes were preventable and 42% of officers killed were not wearing seat belts. Officers are not the only ones in danger when a squad car crashes. ABC News reported that more than 10,000 civilians were injured or killed in the past 10 years in California alone from police-involved crashes. In response to this loss of life, the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) have made the following recommendations to prevent these traffic related deaths: increase seat belt use, minimize distracted driving, improve driver training.

But even if rules following these recommendations are created, how can they be enforced? How do you ensure which officers follow the rules, and determine which officers need more training? This is where a fleet management solution comes in, ensuring fleet managers have access to real-time information on their officer’s driving habits.

AT&T Fleet Manager provides fleet managers with the tools they need to ensure the safety of their officers and the citizens in their jurisdiction. This solution has robust driver behaviour management tools that provide greater insight into driving habits and help curb reckless driving behavior. They include:

  • Driver Metrics: records incidences of unsafe driving
  • Real-time Alerts: monitors rule violations, rapid deceleration
  • Sensors: monitors seat belt usage, sirens, door opens/closes
  • Reporting: spots trends in driving habits and gain insight into which officers requires additional training
  • In-cab Coaching: accesses AT&T Push-to-Talk

For instance, in the event of a crash, an alert will immediately be sent to dispatchers informing them of a rapid deceleration event. They will then be able to quickly identify which police car triggered the alert, the location of the car, what officers are involved. The push-to-talk will allow them to determine whether a crash occurred and if a medical response is needed. Having all this data reduces response times at crucial moments where every second counts.

2. Faster Response Times

When an officer is in distress and calls for assistance, the time it takes for back-up to arrive can make all the difference. When a citizen calls 911, the time it takes for officers to arrive on the scene is often directly correlated to the outcome. The traditional methods of officers calling in their location, to a request for police presence by a dispatcher, are outdated and can be dangerous, especially when officers are in pursuit.


AT&T Fleet Manager allows dispatchers to know where the nearest source of backup is located, the exact location to send help to, the fastest route to get there, and by monitoring sirens, when officers are in pursuit. Providing officers with this extra support ensures they are more efficient while carrying out their duties. AT&T Fleet Manager gives dispatchers:

  • the real-time location of all mobile and fixed assets
  • route optimization tools
  • seamless connection with AT&T push-to-talk

For instance, an police officer calls in with a request for additional support. The dispatchers will be able to use AT&T Fleet Manager to find the officer’s exact location, determine which vehicles are closest, and then plan the swiftest route for the backup. If the officer in question is pursuing a fleeing vehicle, the dispatcher will be able coordinate interception by the backup.

Law enforcement personnel are our first line of defense and ensuring their safety is paramount. That is why BSM, a Geotab Company, is proud to be involved in the FirstNet initiative with AT&T Fleet Manager. Our fleet management solution is a powerful tool that can help ensure that officers are safe while on duty. The benefits of their increased safety and providing them with a solution to increase their response time will also greatly improve the safety of our communities.

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