Written by BSM, a Geotab Company
on November 25, 2016

In 2010, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) introduced its first set of standards for telematics systems. They called for five separate data points, including a vehicle's location and fuel usage.

The AEMP recently introduced a more comprehensive set of guidelines. These new standards offer a range of important benefits to fleet managers, including those listed below.

1. Consistency and Organization

When telematics comes in a standardized format, fleet managers can quickly become familiar with that setup. Therefore, they can glance at vehicle data and find whatever they're looking for right away.

What's more, when managers buy new trucks, they don't waste any time learning new telematics layouts. And if a manager were to leave one company and start working for another, he or she wouldn't need to get accustomed to a different system.

2. The Most Information Possible

Fleet managers don't have to worry about missing crucial statistics when their telematics program adheres to the 2016 AEMP standards. Indeed, those guidelines require 19 separate data points, among them idling times, load counts, odometer readings and the temperature of the engine. And because all of this info shows up in a single portal, they won't accidentally overlook major details.

Further, managers needn't fear that their competitors have an advantage over them in terms of tracking their vehicles.

3. Your Telematics System; Your Friend

The latest AEMP standards list 41 fault codes. In other words, managers can receive 41 different kinds of alerts from their telematics system; those warnings bring attention to issues like sudden changes in oil pressure. Thus, they can investigate just about any kind of irregularity and deal with it before it develops into a costly problem.

Managers can also use these figures to make sure that each vehicle is being maintained properly. They'll know exactly when it's time for a truck to get serviced because it traveled a certain number of miles or was on the road for a certain number of hours.

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